The Arab Youth Council for Climate Change (AYCCC) is a non-profit, youth-led initiative by the Arab Youth Center (AYC). 

The Council aims to achieve a qualitative leap in the interaction of Arab youth with environmental issues, support youth climate action, and engage young Arabs in developing innovative and sustainable solutions to the climate change challenge.

Our Vision

To create a qualitative leap in the engagement of Arab youth with climate change regionally and globally.

Our Mission

Empowering youth in the field of climate action by raising awareness, creating impactful projects and initiatives, and submitting recommendations to decision makers in the Arab world.

Councils Aim

Submit strategic recommendations to decision makers in the Arab world

Suggest effective solutions for all segments of society in the public and private sectors

Support Arab countries in achieving their climate goals

Represent Arab youth in local and international forums, and communicate their views and ideas

Equip Arab youth with the necessary skills to raise awareness and keep up with climate challenges

Encourage investment in enterprises and startups operating in the field