Training Program

Initiatives & Studies

The council is launching a diverse series of relevant and useful initiatives that Arab youth can make use of and participate in to enabled them to become equipped climate activists, leaders, and individuals. 

Additionally, council members collaborate with specialized research bodies to gather vital input from youth and explore the most pressing environmental challenges the region. This helps identify the best practices that can be used in the Arab region and highlights the voices of Arab youth so they can be presented to decision-makers to establish or update public policies that contribute to addressing climate change.

The initiatives and studies launched by the council align very closely with the six pillars of Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) by the UNFCCC: education, training, public participation, public awareness, public access to information, and international cooperation.  

Focus Areas

International Cooperation

Connect Arab youth to the government sector, private sector, and international organizations

Capacity building

Strengthen climate change capacity building to empower youth to take action on climate change

Decision-Making and Representation

Engage Arab youth in climate decision-making and provide them with opportunities to represent the Arab world regionally and globally

Green Investment

Encourage investment in green startups and SMEs by Arab youth

Awareness and Information

Raise Arab youth's awareness on climate change and its impacts to promote environmentally-consciousness and sustainable behaviors

Innovative solutions

Harness the ingenuity of Arab youth to find new and creative solutions to climate change challenges and raise them to relevant decision-makers