Action Steps for a Sustainable Lifestyle - Conscious Consumerism

This toolkit aims to guide youth towards a more sustainable lifestyle by developing their habits and behaviors and urging them to set an example for others to follow. The guide provides holistic suggestions that seek to benefit the community as a whole including community members, leaders, and activists in this field who can work on implementing and developing their own micro campaigns and initiatives in the Arab world.

The guide focuses on six different and interrelated categories: water consumption, food consumption, shopping, housing, travel, and waste management, which will support consumers in improving their consumption habits in their daily lives.


Action Steps for a Green Economy - Green Skills 

This toolkit will focus on different methods of obtaining green skills - don’t worry, going back to school is not the only avenue you can take. Furthermore, to cater to the profile of Arab youth, it will address some of the unique attributes of the Arab World in regards to green skills. The Arab nations and their populations are young, eager, proactive, and are uniquely positioned to benefit from a thriving green economy. At the same time, many Arab nations are currently saddled with one of the highest unemployment rates and the conventional economy seems unable to absorb the influx of young talent. Applying green skills at scale could be the panacea leaders are looking for to unleash the region’s creativity and economic potential.

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